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A publishing experiment at the nexus of research and collaboration. Aqua Regia is an artist-run, not-for-profit print periodical and publisher. It is a statement of community-building through collaboration and centering on the physical experience of printed matter with a fashion focus.

The Chemistry:

Aqua regia is an acid solution with the formula of HNO3+3HCl. It is a deep gold, and sometimes red, fuming liquid in appearance. Named by alchemists for its ability to dissolve noble metals such as gold or platinum, aqua regia translates from Latin to ‘regal’ or ‘king’s water.’ It is the only known acid to dissolve gold with purity above eighteen karats. Aqua regia has a molar ratio of 1:3 nitric acid to hydrochloric acid; however, alone, neither constituent acid will react with gold. Being a powerful oxidizer, nitric acid dissolves gold into Au3+ ions, which then reacts with the chlorine ions of hydrochloric acid to produce chloroaurate anions (AuCl4-). This results in the removal of gold ions from the solution, and the gold is dissolved completely to form chloroauric acid (HAuCl4). With extremely corrosive properties and a rapidly changing composition that produces toxic fumes, aqua regia must be handled with care with proper equipment and appropriate safety precautions.
A brief note: 

Before submitting work please keep in mind and consider that we are a not-for-profit and self-funded project that operates without any external funding or active ad revenue. All profits from sales are put back into the operating costs, and I commit to a significant personal financial deficit each year to keep this project alive, completely outside of my day job. For this reason, we are not always able to provide monetary compensation or allocate budget for individual projects. Running a short-run print publication often comes to a complete lack of profit, especially as the necessary infrastructures and modes of support for independent artist-run print projects are often inaccessible or not established. If you wish to support this project financially, please reach out to Thank you for your understanding, consideration, and continued support.

Jay Valentine, editor in chief


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Jay Valentine
Editor in Chief, Founder, & Director

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